Study Symbols General Conference Worksheets


These free sheets bring our trademark study method and symbols of Learn, Feel, Do, Become to your General Conference learning and study!


You will find 3 options for worksheets here: 2 for adults/teens, 1 for children/youth.

The adult/teen worksheets allow for using a page for each talk, while the other can be used as one worksheet to cover all of Conference. 

The child/youth worksheet is a wide-ruled version of the sheet focusing on each talk, along with an enlarged font size for easy-reading.

All worksheets in this pack are evergreen—meaning you can download and use the file no matter what session or year it is. 

Study Symbols Basic Worksheet

Have you wondered what our Study Record is like? And what are these symbols that we keep talking about? Learn, Feel, Do, Become? This free worksheet is a way for you to practice general learning and studying in this way – perfect for yourself, your classes or your family!